Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Huffington Post

We've been reading the HuffPost like everyone else out there (don't lie!) and we want to say a few things.

First, these people are not bloggers. They're not getting comments from their readers, and unless a fellow HuffPost blogger takes umbrage at something they've written (and decided to start a little spat), there's no accountability.

Second, Arianna Huffington is annoying as hell. She happens to live in our neighborhood, so that's no surprise to us. But her little MC of the HuffPost bit is already wearing on our nerves. She also seems to have adapted a "messenger to the people" role about blogging; she's clearly trying to position herself as an expert on this emerging form of communication, and she's clearly not an expert. But what do the people know? Idiots, all of them! If only the media would truly report and inform them on...

Which brings us to our third note: stop with the "if only the media would report on..." whining. You want to expose something? Investigate it (or have your assistant investigate it). Then post on it. Then wait for feedback. If people poke holes in it, defend what you've written. Or, if you can't defend it, admit your mistake, stick your tail between your legs and realize that maybe the reason no media outlets are publicizing the conspiracy is because there was no conspiracy. And don't be late for your colonic.

Fourth: poor Byron York. He's playing by the real world rules. Jim Lampley -- a talented sportscaster -- is not. Lampley alleges something. York says, give us a break. Lampley says, you neocons never take us seriously! You're so mean! You can't actually rebut what I said, so you have to say mean things! York then notes multiple investigations that failed to find anything to support the allegations. Yes, notes Lampley, but they didn't prove the allegations were false! And of course they're going to say what they said -- they're part of the conspiracy! Now, the next time some nitwit posts something crazy, do you think that Byron York is going to take the time to rebut it? I mean, I imagine that he has a real life and obviously he has a real job and trying to convince Jim Lampley that Jim Lampley is crazy just takes too much time.

Fifth: this could be a good thing (the HuffPost). If they open it up to feedback. If these bloggers get called on their posts by commenters (and not just fellow bloggers). If they realize that it's about the quality of what they post, not the fact that they said something. And also if they LEARN HOW TO BLOG. Did none of them do their homework? Did none of them (except for the ones who already were bloggers) do any kind of research to find out the market they were getting into? Or did they just assume that they could pretty much redefine whatever it was that we people had established as the form and protocol these last few years? Yeah. Good luck.

Sixth: Nikki Finke usually has some interesting stuff in her LA Weekly column. But the HuffPost piece was sad.

Seventh: Did we mention that we live in Arianna's neighborhood? And that we're young and with it (you know, what the kids are saying these days). And that we're available to join the HuffPost blog? Yes, we're willing to join the HuffPost blog. We'll even make some cookies and bring them over to Arianna's place. Arianna, forget about that stuff we said about you earlier. We really love you and we love the Greek peoples and we love everything Greece-related and we were so going to vote for you in the recall election and you've got pretty much the sweetest gate leading up to your house in the whole neighborhood. So give us a call. We'll meet at Toscana (and we can go Dutch, that's cool). Or email us. (By the way, we're only one person but we write in the plural -- it makes it sound more official! Like we're a committee of thinkers or something!) casualobserver[at]gmail.com


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