Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Deja Vu

We're back...again. Another extended sabbatical from blogging has come and gone, and we're rejuvenated. Time to jump back in with all of those impressive thoughts that you've come to expect from the Casual Observer.

A programming note: actually, this isn't a programming note, but it sounded good so we're going with it. Over the last few months (when we've been on leave), we've been keeping an eye on the blogosphere -- from the "inside" and also from what could be considered the outside: the standard MSM-dominated sphere. At times we have gotten our news from the internet, at times from newspapers, and at times from magazines. It's been interesting to see how plugged in one needs to be to keep up with what's going on. As far as we can tell, much of the blogosphere does serve as an echo chamber (especially since the presidential election is over and no longer providing new blogging material each day), with a few stories bubbling up to the general populace and a few notable bloggers weighing in on issues in the vein of the best op-ed columnists out there.

The point is that we've got a new perspective on all of this; one that -- hopefully -- makes us a better blogger. We'll see...


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