Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Truth!

Former lovers, er, coaches Carroll and Chow

Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden offers a different narrative in the Pete Carroll - Norm Chow break-up saga: that Chow was frustrated about not getting the Stanford job (which went to Pittsburgh coach Walt Harris, a friend of Carroll's) and decided he needed to make a change to make himself more marketable to college athletic directors.
Two possibilities: First, Chow began to realize that he might never be hotter than he is right now, off two national titles and two Heisman trophies (Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart). He is 58 years old. If he ever wanted to jump, this was the time. Second, top college programs often seek head coaches with NFL experience, like Harris and Charlie Weis. If Chow is successful with Titans, it's a big, bold line on his resume, maybe the one he needs to become a head coach in college three or four years down the road. If he's not successful, he won't have any problem going back and finding a coordinator's job in college.
Layden also does his best to douse the flames on the Carroll/Chow Falling Out story:
When I talked to Chow in mid-January, he raved about Carroll's football brain and the challenge of working with and against Carroll every day in practice. He acknowledged that Carroll has had a major role in shaping the USC offense, even though he's regarded as a defensive mind.

UPDATE: We reserve the right to change our minds! New infomation has come to light, man! This is a very complicated situation! (Lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of what-have-yous.) Read our most recent post on Carroll/Chow Breakup 2005.


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