Monday, September 13, 2004

Your Feedback Nets Results!

CO Reader of the Week Robert Saye thinks we have a "pretty good blog," but after reading it for three minutes, he started to get a pounding headache. (The same thing happens when we read Eric Alterman!) Strangely, Mr. Saye thinks the culprit isn't our content -- it's our color scheme! (Hey, this post has a lot of exclamation points!) Now, you might recall that we once vowed not to change this site's colors, regardless of reader complaints. Well, consider this our "We nominated a turkey!" post. Our mea culpa, if you will. We're here to serve you, readers, not our own retinas. Enjoy. (And post some comments or something -- if we can't hear you, we don't know you're out there!)

UPDATE: We're now officially black-text-on-white-background. But it doesn't agree with us. We like our observations casual, but not our graphic design! Which means that we're going to try to whip up something super-snazzy this check back often (and inflate our page views!) so you can be the first on your block to see the new look of Casual Observations!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is high praise indeed, from me anyway. I think Babe Ruth was a pretty good hitter. Barry Sanders was a pretty good running back, and Michael Jordan was a pretty good basketball player. Tiger Woods pre-Elin Nordegren was a pretty good golfer.

I agree black on white is fairly dull, but it is much easier to read. One color scheme that I use is white on blue or dark green. The only caveat should be not to let your experimentation interfere with your actual posting.

Good luck, I have book marked you in my weekly read file. When you move up to my daily read file, thats when you can say you've made it.

Robert Saye

7:57 AM  
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