Sunday, September 26, 2004

What the Hell Happened to Us?

Three weeks ago, we were the toast of the town -- a Vodkapundit link in the midst of all the Memogate madness -- and we spiked at over 1,200 pageviews. Then, disaster struck. We decided to start listening to our readers (actually, just the reader who took the time to write us an email) and changing our color scheme, even though we'd previously vowed not to kowtow to such impervious demands. The result? We kept changing colors faster than John Kerry changes positions on Iraq (sorry, had to do it), and in the ensuing mess, we torpedoed into an ugly freefall. Today we're down to about 5 pageviews a day, including the 4 times we check the site each day just to make sure it still exists.

Obviously, we've got a problem. Is it us? Or is it the readers? Not sure (but clearly, not us). We've started to add some photos to the mix and we're really going to try to start writing some linkable posts to attract a few more readers. In the meantime, enjoy us wallowing in our own self-pity. We coulda been a contender! But no! We had to change the colors!


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