Tuesday, September 14, 2004

That Was Productive!

We're back to black, as you've no doubt noticed. Apologies to former CO Reader of the Week Robert Saye (of course, he won't even read this post until the end of the week, so who cares!), but we like it this way. And (at least as of now), we're in charge of the color scheme. Sorry if you find it hard to read; if you must read black text on a white background, we suggest copying our snarky posts and pasting them into a Microsoft Word document. (But don't accidentally date it 1973, print it out, copy it a few times, and fax it to Dan Rather!) From now on, we won't be so easily influenced by our readers' opinions (at least when it concerns our color palatte). Don't worry, it won't be that difficult -- we hardly ever hear from them!


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