Monday, September 06, 2004

Snow isn't just the Treasury Secretary

Kitty Kelley has a new book out that, according to the Daily Mirror, alleges President Bush snorted lines of coke at Camp David when his father was President. (Laura also "allegedly tried cannabis," which we were just told is another word for marijuana!)

He Did What?!

Now, there are a few ways to look at this, assuming these accusations are true.

The first is that, hey Republicans, you're starting to look pretty hip. First I find out Arnold Schwarzenegger is a conservative, now I find out the First Lady has been toking up?! Sign me up!

And it's not like doing cocaine disqualifies you from public office -- just ask DNC Keynoter Barack Obama!

Now, the Bush Campaign could employ the Kerry Strategy of How to Deal With Accusations that Probably are True, in which they'd pretend that Kitty Kelley never wrote the book while at the same time demanding that bookstores not stock it. Of course, we all see how successful that's been...

Or, they could come out and admit that Bush did a lot of stupid things in the past, but that this campaign is about the issues affecting America today. And snorting things up your nose is not one of those issues. (This is the strategy not favored by the Kerry campaign, and, thus, likely the correct one.)

Either way, this isn't going to be as harmful to Bush as the Swift Vets were to Kerry, and here's why: anyone who has a brother or sister knows that whenever there's a fight, the person who gets in trouble is not the one who hit first -- it's the one who hit back. As much as Kerry might claim that Bush is behind the Swift Vets, he's provided nothing more substantial than a messy game of Six Degrees of Karl Rove. Still, if people (and by people we mean swing voters) are put off by the "negativeness" of the SwiftVet ads and buy into the Bush connection, they're going to be more upset by negative ads directed towards Bush -- which, like they did with the Swift Vet ads and the President, they would connect to Kerry. "I just don't like these negative ads," the swing voter says. "Bush started it, but Kerry's no better. This last ad is really nasty." So not only does Kerry undermine his ability to rail against Bush on the negative Swift Vet ads (which is, in itself, questionable), he ends up looking worse than the President.

Don't believe me? Ask your older brother.


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