Monday, September 06, 2004

Sharing the Blove

I got an email from Soxblog this morning. (Not to drop names or anything...) Apparently, he's actually read this blog. And he actually didn't think it sucked.

For those of you readers out there who don't know, Soxblog is written by a very astute man from Boston named James Frederick Dwight who has a much better ability to predict the future than, say, those geniuses quoted in the New York Times.

What does Dwight see in this future for this blog? Good things, my friend. Good things. (Though he advises replacing the nutjob writing the posts ASAP.)

Like John Kerry and certain unnamed world leaders, I'm claiming Soxblog's support...just trust me on this one.


Blogger Dean Barnett said...

You have the official Soxblog endorsement. Now go blog good!

4:17 PM  
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