Friday, September 24, 2004


A day or two after the Memogate story broke, we called for former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite to weigh in on the controversy. Today is September 24th, and finally, Sir Walter has broken his silence. Like the good member of the Old Media that he is, Cronkite urges caution and patience (one recalls Col. Buck Turgidson's "I'd hate to judge before all the facts are in..." in Dr. Strangelove) before deciding what he thinks of all this commotion. Walter, come on! This is the blogosphere! We don't have time for the kind of fact-checking they do at, say, CBS!
"We must wait while CBS management conduct the investigation they have promised. We can then decide what our reaction should be," said Cronkite, 87, who was in Boston Thursday night to pick up an award.

"The reaction at the moment of course is embarrassment for everyone who is connected to CBS, and that embarrassment, I hope, will be squashed in time as we know what happened," he said.
I wouldn't bet on it!


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