Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Polls: Overrated

I know we all can't get enough of these national polls lately, but if you really want to understand the shifts going on in the Race for the White House (how cliche!), take a look at this nifty little interactive map from the L.A. Times (registration required). It's an electoral college calculator, complete with a map of all 50 states and their most up-to-date polling data. But here's the most fun: it's interactive! By clicking on the states, you can assign them (based on the polling data provided or your own personal hunch) to the Bush or Kerry column, until one of the candidates reaches the magic number of 270. It's a great way to learn for yourself the importance of swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as explore the different scenarios that would lead to a Bush or Kerry win. But consider yourselves warned: it's a little addictive.


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