Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fighting in the Alley

The most interesting angle of the Memogate story (at least to us -- see post below) is the scuffle that has erupted between the MSM and the blogosphere. Instapundit (rightly) ravaged Jonathan Klein's "pajamas" crack, and Roger L. Simon sounds like he wants to fight somebody over at the Chicago Tribune. The traditional epithets that were hurled at the Drudge Report (unreliable, gossip, etc.) during the Clinton scandals are being brought out again by those defending the MSM, but this time, because it's so clear that the memos are fake, they just come off like idiots. And even so, the blogostocracy has made it clear that not only are they a force to be reckoned with (see: Raines, Howell and Lott, Trent), but they're not going to let the MSM characterize them as a bunch of 38 year-old single men still living with their moms and blogging from from the basement.


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