Thursday, September 09, 2004


CBS News has a scathing attack on the President's service in the Air National Guard that features new memos written by Jerry Killian, Bush's Guard commander. Er, that would be alleged "memos" written by Jerry Killian -- any idiot with half a brain could tell at first glance that something is fishy.

To prove my point, I've posted one of the documents from CBS News, along with another nearly-identical document that has obviously been created on a computer. I link to each below, and have you decide which is the "real" document used by CBS, and which is the forged document (created by me in Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop). Remember, this memo was (allegedly) written by Killian in 1973, using either his own personal word processor or one provided to him by the government.

Version One
Version Two

Now that you've seen them both, find out how you did:

CBS copy
My forgery

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See the rest of the CBS documents
How I forged mine (it took 20 minutes):
PDF 01 PDF 02


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